Negative Nancy

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a negative Nancy. But recently I made the decision that that thinking is getting me nowhere. I purposely every day choose to see things positively. Not saying life is perfect or that Nancy doesn’t show up from time to time but I refuse to sulk and play victim anymore. I’m working on being more proactive vs reactive. Majority of my life I spent it letting life happen to me instead of living life for myself. I only made the hard choices when I was forced to or worse let ppl make the decision for me. And as you can guess it left me unhappy and unproductive. Living the life that everyone wanted me to have or felt I deserved. Well that was Joy prior to realizing the power I actually have. The worth that I possess. I know now —and you know the cliche — when you know better you do better. I AM DOING BETTER. I AM BETTER! And I’ll be doing ish all 2018!! Plus Sign Lifestyle is in full effect!!

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