ALONE but not Lonely

Alone not lonely


Alone does not necessarily equate to being lonely. In my case alone is exactly what I need and what God has been telling me for months that I need to submit to. There’s some things He can’t do for me bcuz it’s unnecessary ppl around. I’m embarking on a new journey and I just felt like there SHOULD be someone walking with me. Someone encouraging me or pushing me. Someone I can vent to or confide in; to bounce ideas off of. To inspire or motivate and after a quick trip away I realized that in this season EYE DONT NEED ANYONE besides God. God will provide the plan, the insight, the motivation, the blueprint. He told me I needed to be alone and I continuously added instead of focusing that energy on seeking Him. I’m surrounded now by my fav trees (palms) listening to the crashing of the waves. I can hear Him perfectly. He wasn’t trying to keep me from anything I wanted. He was trying to prepare me for everything. This is my season of preparation. Soon I won’t be able to hide. Soon I won’t have the luxury of being alone. Soon I will have to perform and I need to be ready. And I’m ready to submit to this season of alone time. I am the blueprint. Just wait on it.

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